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The Campfire is where we go to gather around, to share stories, and to enjoy each others' company.

Visit these pages below to explore our adventures over the last four years, then see your chapter page to begin making your own MightyCamper memories.

Past Retreats (2000-2004) See what you have missed and can come to expect from a MightyCamper adventure. You may one day see your picture on here also.

Campfire Poetry is a staple of the MightyCamper experience. This link will take you to a collection of our all time favorites. Have fun reading them!

Recipes MightyCampers love to eat in the great outdoors. Visit the recipes page to learn of our favorites, then try them for yourself!

Camping Resources Learn how to make your next trip more fun, comfortable, memorable, and safe (like required camping gear and other helpful articles to assist you).

Sponsors and Links We really like these people.

If you have pictures, poetry or articles that you would like to submit to MightyCamper.com please feel free to mail them to either John or Travis. All pictures must be related to a MightyCamper retreat, with a short description of when and where they were taken, to be posted. All poetry must either not be copyrighted, have the owners permission, or must be original work. All articles must be original work and relate to camping in some way.